Four arrested in vehicle break-ins in Draper

From Sheriff Mike Worrell

On September 26, 2017 the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office received several reports of items being stolen from vehicles in the Draper section of Pulaski County.

On September 28, 2017 evidence in this case led Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Pulaski Police Department to identify possible suspects.

During the course of this investigation, Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office were able to obtain a total of 28 felony warrants and 2 misdemeanors.

The four suspects who have been arrested are 25-year-old Joshua Isbill, 24-year old Avery Hargrave, 22-year-old Miranda Chandler and 21-year-old Cynthia Turpin.

The charges against the four individuals include grand larceny, conspiracy to commit a felony and acting as a principle in the second degree to commit a felony.