Locker Room: Cougar football coming hot and heavy

Football action is coming hot and heavy for Pulaski County and Cougar football fans over the next month. Friday afternoon there will be four teams in action on the campus of PCHS.

At 4:30 the Pulaski County junior varsity will play the Magna Vista JV up top behind Kenneth J. Dobson Stadium. At 5 pm there will be another 30-minute JV session when Liberty Christian of Lynchburg faces Magna Vista.

Then the action moves inside Dobson and onto Joel Hicks’ Field. At approximately 5:30 the Cougar JVs will face Liberty Christian. Gates will open to the stadium prior to this session at 5 pm. Tickets are $5.00 for the event.

At approximately 6:15-6:30 the varsity teams of Pulaski County, Radford, Liberty, and Magna Vista will take the field. They will all take the turf at the same time, split the field, and it will be round robin. Each team will face the other three. The event is expected to conclude at approximately 8:30-9 pm. Fans will be able to enjoy a full concessions operation.



4:30- Pulaski County junior varsity vs. Magna Vista (practice field)

5 pm- Magna Vista JV vs. Liberty Christian (practice field)

5:45- Cougar JVs, vs. Liberty in Dobson Stadium

6:15- In the stadium, Pulaski County, Radford, Magna Vista, and Liberty Christian varsity football teams will begin round robin scrimmage.


Then on Friday, August 18 Dobson Stadium will be loaded with football action again. There will be a five-team “Benefit Jamboree” in Dobson and in addition to the Cougars, Galax, George Wythe, Liberty-Bedford, and Rustburg will compete. Admission will be the same, $5.00 for everyone at the main gate.

“Cardinal & Gold:”

On Friday morning, August 18 The Patriot will publish its annual “Cardinal & Gold” special pre-season football edition. It will consist of a look at why high school football is the great tradition it is, a detailed look at the 2017 Pulaski County football team, an interview with Cougar head coach Stephen James, a view of what to expect from the entire Class 4, Region 4, and photos of all Cougar players, plus team pictures, schedules, and just another anything else you might be wondering about concerning the upcoming 2017 football season, including Virginia Tech, UVa, and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

ACC Rising:

Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher is obviously tired of all the SEC chest thumping. First he believes it’s not true, secondly for the past four years at least it has not been true, and thirdly, last season his conference, the ACC was better, and it was.

Is Fisher getting things heated up for the big opening season bash with Alabama? Maybe, but I know Jimbo Fisher, and I suggest when he makes such a statement, he believes it. And he doesn’t take his foot off the gas.

“Two of the last four national championships have come from here (ACC). We’ve (ACC) played for three of them. We’re (ACC) 8-3 in national playoff games and Power Five major bowl games. We’re (ACC) 8-3 in non-conference Power Five games against everybody. We (ACC) have two Heisman Trophy winners, and also the runner-up last year.”

You know what else Jimbo Fisher is? He’s right!

Don’t ask for Advice:

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the average NFL playing career is 3.3 years long, and 78% of all NFL players go broke within three years of their retirement. The point is, don’t ask these guys for financial advice.

By Dan Callahan

The Patriot