McCready: Derecho or tornado strikes Parrott, Belspring communities

The Parrott and Belspring communities appeared to take the brunt of yesterday’s high winds, although there are reports of trees being down and roads closed in several areas of the county.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Andy McCready reported late Monday night that it appeared either a derecho or a tornado had struck in the Parrott and Belspring areas.

Large, healthy trees – some 24 inches in diameter and larger – were blown over by the winds.

Parked cars were damaged when they were struck by the trees.  One tree reportedly fell onto a home.

There were some instances in which cars were stuck in between downed trees and motorists had to wait for the trees to be removed to continue on their way.

McCready reported that fortunately no one was killed or injured by the storm.

McCready said personnel from VDOT, the State Park, all county fire departments, REMSI, law enforcement and a crew of inmate workers were on the scene to cut and remove trees and clear roadways.

Downed trees and closed roads were also reported in the Snowville area of the county.

Staff Report