Middle school ‘ball’ now in supervisors’ court


The Patriot

The consolidated middle school “ball” is now in the Board of Supervisors’ court, following action this week by the Pulaski County School Board.

On Tuesday, the school board officially approved a resolution asking the supervisors to either directly approve funding for the construction of a consolidated county middle school, or request the Circuit Court of Pulaski County to order a referendum to be placed on the November ballot allowing voters to decide the issue.

Prior to approving the resolution, the school board voted to approve an option agreement to purchase portions of five tracts of land owned by Pulaski Farm Property, LLC on which the new middle school – if approved – will be built.

David Hagan is a member of Pulaski Farm Property LLC.

The land is located along Route 11 between Pulaski and Dublin. It is directly across the highway from Cougar Express and Walter’s Trailer Park.

The option agreement states that the Pulaski County School Board will pay $100 to secure the option to purchase the approximately 55-acre piece of property for the agreed upon price of $220,000.

It was noted in the agreement that the school board and Hagan agree the estimated value of the property is $550,000, and that the remaining $330,000 not covered by the purchase price is to be considered a donation from Pulaski Farm Property LLC to the school board.

The resolution asking the supervisors to either approve funding or ask for a bond referendum in November places the construction price for the new school at the earlier reported $45.7 million.

In a letter accompanying the resolution being sent to the supervisors, School Board Chairman Timothy Hurst said the school recommends that “whether voted on directly by the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors or by the citizens of Pulaski County through a bond referendum, the consolidated middle school be funded through the Virginia Public School Authority pooled bond program utilizing wrapped debt service for a 20- or 25-year term which would necessitate an 8 cent increase in property taxes per $100 of assessed value.”

The School Board has now provided the Board of Supervisors with a design, cost and location for the proposed new middle school.  The issue now rests with the supervisors. They meet next on June 26 at 7 p.m.