Middle school decision likely a month away


While the proposed construction of a new consolidated middle school for Pulaski County is on the agenda for Monday night’s Board of Supervisors meeting, don’t expect any final action on the issue for several weeks.

Supervisors Chairman Andy McCready, R-Massie District, told The Patriot this week the board of supervisors has placed the middle school issue on the agenda for Monday.

“The board does anticipate receiving the resolution during the meeting,” McCready said.

Last week the school board adopted a resolution calling on the board of supervisors to do one of two things – either directly approve funding for construction of a new consolidated middle school, or ask the Circuit Court to order a referendum be placed on the November General Election ballot allowing voters to settle the issue.

The passage of the resolution brought to an end much of the school board’s work on the proposal, but – according to McCready – the supervisors’ work is now just beginning.

McCready said, now that the board of supervisors has the cost information and the rest of the information it needed from the school board, supervisors anticipate working through the month of July before a decision is made.

He said it is entirely possible the supervisors may hold work sessions during July to receive and develop all the information they need to make a final decision.

“I do not see a final decision being made prior to the July meeting of the Board of Supervisors,” McCready stated.

“Now we have to do our work,” he continued. “We have to review all of the cost information, and we’ll be receiving additional information from a number of parties. We’ll have a report come in from our bond counsel concerning the financing – there’s just a number of areas that require information and review by us.”

McCready noted he is hopeful all that additional information will be ready by the supervisors’ July 24 meeting. However, he said, “Should that information be running a little late, it would be possible to have a called meeting sometime after the 24th to take care of it in time to still meet the window if necessary.”

The “window” McCready is speaking of is the Aug. 18 deadline for referendums to be added to the November ballot.

“I don’t want us to be in a position where we’re walking the [referendum] request to the judge on Aug. 18,” McCready said.

“I’d like to see it get over there [courthouse] a day or two in advance so the judge can review the wording – if that is the pleasure of the board.  We have to give the judge time to do his job as well,” said McCready.

“The school board took months to do their work, now we have work we have to do – by law, by code,” he said.


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