OSHA inspects middle schools, no citations for violations issued

The Patriot has learned that both Pulaski and Dublin middle schools were recently visited by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance officers.

According to Pulaski County School Superintendent Dr. Kevin Siers, a formal written report on the inspections at both schools has not yet been received, but is expected in the near future.

The inspections came in late July, with Pulaski Middle School being inspected on July 25 and Dublin Middle School being inspected on July 27.

However, according to Siers, there are no citations for violations on the campuses at either school following the inspections.

“There are no citations for violations on either campus, but the inspector did offer a few suggestions regarding ways to even more effectively prevent the possibility of asbestos exposure in the future,” Siers told The Patriot.

Siers said those suggestions were to repair previously patched areas of the ceiling where the patches are starting to come loose, and to add additional wrapping to some of the pipes in the boiler rooms.

“We are working on the suggested improvements today (Tuesday),” Siers said, “and expect that the patch repairs will be completed before the teachers return on Thursday.”

Siers added that the boiler room work will be completed soon thereafter.

Siers provided The Patriot with a copy of the complaint form received by OSHA on Pulaski Middle School. He noted that he understood the complaint form for Dublin Middle School listed the same concerns.

The complaint form lists five items of concern:

1 – Damaged asbestos

2 – Faulty wiring

3 – Ceiling falling into classrooms, walls pulling away from the structure

4 – Mouse feces and urine in the locker rooms

5 – Mold everywhere due to leaks.

With the exception of the “damaged asbestos” item, the inspector placed “N/A” beside the other four concerns, meaning “not applicable.”

“I believe he (inspector) marked N/A because there was no evidence present, and that he left the asbestos one blank because he plans to list suggestions on the final report,” said Siers.

The Patriot will publish a followup once the written report from OSHA is available.


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