PC Schools to use CareDox next school year

Pulaski County Public School nurses will begin using CareDox in August, when the new school year begins. 

CareDox is a digital version of the school district’s previous health information system. 

CareDox will allow parents/guardians to complete health information for their students online.  All information is stored securely and is HIPAA and FERPA compliant. 

Once information is on CareDox, parents and guardians will simply update the health information that changes from year-to-year.  Therefore, parents will no longer be required to complete the paper form annually.  

Pulaski County Public Schools’ priority is always student safety.   CareDox will assist in safety, as instant notifications will be sent from the school nurse if health and wellness issues arise. 

Parents should watch for more information on this program that will be included in the back to school information at open houses.