Threat posted on Facebook leads to 2-year sentence

From the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office

James Burton, Jr. entered an Alford plea and was found guilty to the Felony charge of Communicating a Threat in writing in which he threatened the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the Pulaski Police department.  He was sentenced to 2 years with all but 2 months suspended to be followed by 2 years of probation.

“Although I’m sure that Mr. Burton was upset about the recent death of his father, the extreme and vile threats made against law enforcement could not be ignored,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Fleenor said today.   “Police officers have difficult jobs and take a lot of guff on a regular basis, but they certainly have the right not to be threatened with death and extreme bodily harm.  Sometimes people think that their posts on facebook and other social media don’t have consequences, but in this case, they certainly did.”