Floodplain Management & Wetlands Protection

Final Notice and Explanation of a Proposed Activity partially within a 100-Year Floodplain
To: All Interested Agencies, Groups, and Individuals
This is to give notice that the Town of Pulaski has conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order 11988, in accordance with HUD regulations at 24 CFR 55.20 Subpart C Procedures for Making Determinations on Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection. The activity is proposed for funding under the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Development Block Grant Program, the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Area Development – Construction Program, and others. Funding for development of these grant applications was provided through ARC Planning Grant #19-PG-19.

Within the 100-year floodplain project activities include interior improvements to the former Calfee Training Center to create a childcare program, cultural museum, community kitchen, event and office spaces, and a computer lab. Exterior improvements include construction of an addition to the main structure and improvements to exterior play spaces. Approximately 1.5 acres or 56% of the 2.66-acre project area is within the 100-year flood plain. The proposed project is located at 1 Corbin-Harmon Drive (formerly Magnox Drive) and bounded by Corbin-Harmon Drive on the South, Tract Fork on the West, and the property line on the East in the Town of Pulaski, Pulaski County, Virginia.

The Town of Pulaski has considered the following alternatives and mitigation measures to be taken to minimize adverse impacts and to restore and preserve natural and beneficial values. The project must mainly occur within a floodplain to provide the employment retention and skills development offered by the proposed facility improvements. Modifying the project area to avoid the floodplain, relocating the entire project to an alternate neighborhood, and No Action alternatives were all considered and rejected as they would exclude some or all project activities.

Efforts to minimize the potential adverse impacts include (a) the Town will take an active role in monitoring the construction process to ensure no unnecessary impacts occur nor unnecessary risks are taken, and (b) all new construction will comply with state and local floodplain protection procedures and ordinances.

The Town of Pulaski has reevaluated the alternatives to building in the floodplain and has determined that it has no practicable alternative. Environmental files which document compliance with steps 3 through 6 of Executive Order 11988 are available for public inspection, review, and copying upon request at the times and location delineated in the last paragraph of this notice for receipt of comments.

There are three primary purposes for this notice. First, people who may be affected by activities in the floodplain and those who have an interest in the protection of the natural environment should be given an opportunity to express their concerns and provide information about these areas. Second, an adequate public notice program can be an important public educational tool. The dissemination
of information and request for public comment about floodplain can facilitate and enhance Federal efforts to reduce the risks and impacts associated with the occupancy and modification of these special areas. Third, as a matter of fairness, when the Federal government determines it will participate in actions taking place in floodplains, it must inform those who may be put at greater or continued risk.

Written comments must be received by the Town of Pulaski at the following address on or before March 22, 2021: The Town of Pulaski, 42 1st St. NW, Pulaski, VA 24301 and (540) 994-8601, Attention: Darlene Burcham, Town Manager. A full description of the project may also be reviewed from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday in the Town Engineer’s Office at the same address, online at www.pulaskitown.org , or at the Pulaski County Library, 60 3rd Street NW, Pulaski VA, 24301. Comments may also be submitted by email to dburcham@pulaskitown.org.