Local Republican leaders say they will continue to put Pulaski County first, announce re-election bids

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Republican incumbents (from left) Jeff Reeves, Justin Griffith, Dirk Compton, Laura Walters, Kim Matthews, Mike Worrell and Mike Mooney.

Pulaski County’s Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Commissioner of Revenue and four members of the Board of Supervisors have announced their intention to seek nomination by the Republican Party for November’s election.

The office-holders issued the following joint re-election announcement this week:

It is with pleasure that we, the Pulaski County incumbent Republicans announce our intention to seek nomination from the Republican Party for the upcoming 2023 elections.

We are dedicated to working together to continue serving the citizens, to make Pulaski County a safe place to live, work and play.  Together we have worked very successfully over the last four years to ensure that our County thrives and grows.  Though confronted with unprecedented challenges, we have continued the path forward, keeping our county open for business during Covid, ensuring growth and economic development, keeping taxes down, and keeping our citizens safe.


Laura Walters – Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Ingles District:   

“I am pleased to join my fellow Republicans in seeking the nomination by the Republican party for 2023 representing the Ingles District.  As the first woman on the Board of Supervisors and first woman Chair of the Board of Supervisors, I was honored to receive the unanimous support of my fellow Board members to serve for a second term as Chair.  I pledge to continue our efforts, working with my fellow incumbents, to support fiscal conservancy and a balanced budget, dedication to growth of economic development and housing, support of our small businesses, education of our youth, and protection of our resources and cultural heritage to make Pulaski County a great place to be.  I have been privileged to serve my Ingles constituents over the past 4 years and look forward to continuing to serve you over the next term.”


Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Worrell and Justin Griffith, Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney:

“We are privileged to have spent our careers serving the great citizens of Pulaski County as members of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office and the Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office, respectively.  We work hard to build strong ties to this community by participating in community outreach projects to educate the citizens about what we do and our offices enjoy participating in the many annual events in the broader community. In addition, we pride ourselves on engaging directly with our constituents and giving them the time and attention that they deserve. Together, we always strive to make the best decisions possible in the best interest of our entire County and in an honest and transparent way. We look forward to continuing to be active in our community and we renew our commitment to keeping the citizens of Pulaski County safe.”


Dirk Compton – Board of Supervisors, Draper District:

“During my first term as a Board of Supervisors member in the Draper District, I, noticed our surrounding jurisdictions raise their real estate tax rates.  Pulaski County on the other hand has lowered its rate.  I want to continue to lower our rates by bringing in new jobs and businesses to our County.  We are currently on pace to do just that.  I ask that you please join me in bringing economic development to our County and in turn enjoy a lower tax burden in return by supporting my bid for reelection. “ 


Jeff Reeves – Board of Supervisors, Robinson District:   

“It has been a privilege to serve as the Robinson District Supervisor alongside my fellow Republican board members and to be elected to the board in the November special election. During my short tenure this board and the county administration has been able to provide our employees with cost-of-living raises and improve our county, EMS, and recreation facilities without increasing taxes. I am seeking the Republican nomination for the Robinson District in hopes we can continue as a team to improve the lives of Pulaski County citizens by providing the highest level of services in a fiscally responsible manner through economic growth rather than increasing the tax burden on our citizens.”


Mike Mooney – Board of Supervisors, Massie District: 

I’m honored to be serving as your Supervisor for the Massie District and Pulaski County.  I’m proud to be a part of such a strong Republican group seeking nomination by the Party for 2023. Safety and Security remain high on my list for the citizens of Pulaski County with school safety at the top of my list. I look forward to working with the School Board to ensure our children and grandchildren are safe and secure. I’m very excited about a lot of good things coming our way here in Pulaski County. We need to continue our growth and economic development while maintaining our hometown atmosphere, working together to keep our taxes low. I look forward to working with my incumbent, listening to my constituents to move Pulaski County into the future.” 


Kim Matthews – Pulaski County Commissioner of the Revenue: 

“I enjoy working with my staff and the citizens of Pulaski County where I was born and raised.  Being re-elected to serve another term would mean the world to me. Please support me in seeking the Republican nomination for election for a second term.”