More traffic changes coming to Downtown Pulaski; daycare approved, no more town decals

Pulaski logoBy MIKE WILLIAMS

The Patriot

The process of moving to two-way traffic and four-way stops rather than traffic signals in Downtown Pulaski takes another major step forward on Monday, Feb. 13.

Project Manager Scott Aust told Town Council on Tuesday that the traffic lights that have been flashing at the intersections of Main Street and Washington Avenue and Main Street and Jefferson Avenue will be bagged.

Four-way stop signs have been installed at those intersections for some time now, and with the bagging of the signal lights, motorists are expected to stop at the intersections even while Main Street is closed for the ongoing water line project.

This follows the same process that occurred sometime back when the signals at Main Street and Randolph Avenue were bagged and replaced by four-way stops.

Then on Monday, Feb. 27, the left lane on Third Street will be closed off at the “Y” intersection, with traffic traveling west on Third to be relegated to the right lane only.

The move, according to Aust and Town Manager Darlene Burcham, will get motorists used to the idea of traveling west only in the right lane on Third Street in preparation for the eventual move to two-way traffic on what is now a one-way street.

That one lane of traffic on Third will continue past the old furniture plant buildings up to the intersection with Washington Avenue. From that point, traffic on Third Street temporarily goes back to two-lane past the courthouse and library out of concerns over parking.

Motorists wishing to turn left from Third Street onto Washington Avenue will do so from the right lane at the intersection. Street markings will be added to assist drivers with this change.

Traffic lights at the intersection will be placed on flashing mode and four-way stop signs will be erected.

Eventually all traffic on Third Street – including the area in front of the courthouse – will be two-way.

In other news from Tuesday’s council meeting:

Daycare Gets Go-Ahead

Memorial Baptist Church got final approval of a special exception request to allow for development of a daycare operation at the church, located at 995 Peppers Ferry Road in Pulaski.

The town’s Planning Commission had earlier recommended council approve the request.

It was noted Tuesday, the only construction expected in regard to the daycare involves adding a 2,500-square-foot playground to the church property.

No More Town Decals

Council voted unanimously to approve amending the town’s ordinance related to vehicle licenses to eliminate the requirement for a town decal.

Burcham said the town now has the ability to do DMV Stops and Debt Setoffs through the state to collect delinquent personal property taxes, therefore the decal is no longer needed.

Instead of town citizens buying a decal to show they have paid their personal property taxes, the decal fee will be replaced by a vehicle license fee. The fee will be due at the same time as the personal property tax.

Personal property tax bills, including the vehicle license fee will  be mailed to taxpayers in the Fall and be due by Oct. 15.

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