New Veterans Exhibit in The Old Pulaski County Courthouse Opens July 4th

Pulaski, VA The Pulaski County Courthouse Exhibits Committee and the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors proudly present a new historic exhibit, “Remembering the Sacrifices for Freedom.” The exhibit, located on the third floor of the Old Pulaski County Courthouse, will feature donated items from veterans and their families from various wars.

“We want to let all of the citizens of Pulaski County and anyone who comes, to know that we care and we remember,” said Mary Catherine Stout, exhibits committee member. “We don’t just remember the distant past, but we also remember the most recent past.”

6 17 4th bausell
Corporal Lewis Kenneth Bausell, received the Medal of Honor for his sacrifice and service as a U.S. Marine in WWII. (Pulaski County photo)

The exhibit will include items from the Revolutionary War era, up to the war in Afghanistan. These items help tell the story of the important role the people of Pulaski County have played in fighting for freedom.

Dr. Kevin Siers, superintendent of Pulaski County Public Schools, sees the importance of donating his Army uniform and other items because this exhibit, “…takes world history and makes it local…it is a great way to see how Pulaski County has influenced world events through its citizens who served in the military.”

This exhibit has taken several years of hard work and preparation to make sure that the sacrifices of Pulaski County citizens are recognized and honored.

“I am very excited for the opening of the new exhibit at the Courthouse,” said Laura Walters, chairmen of the Board of Supervisors. “I am happy to see this publicity and make more of our citizens aware that this exhibit, artifacts and more are on display at the Courthouse. Thank you to the Committee for all their hard work on this.”

A salute and remembrance ceremony will be held at the Pulaski Theatre located at 14 West Main Street in Pulaski on July 4th, starting at noon. Following the ceremony, there will be a dedication and ribbon cutting for the new exhibit at the Old Pulaski County Courthouse. Refreshments on the Courthouse lawn will be available after the ribbon cutting, along with tours of the exhibit.

For more information on the event and the exhibit, visit the County of Pulaski Facebook Page.

6 17 4th civil war dress
Civil War era dress and photograph display. (Pulaski County photo)