Old Red Carpet Inn to be site of PSA’s newest convenience center

3 3 red carpet inn
The old Red Carpet Inn on Old Route 100 outside Pulaski. (Mike Williams/The Patriot)

The Pulaski County Public Service Authority has purchased the old Red Carpet Inn property on Old Route 100 outside Pulaski for the site of its newest convenience center.

Jared Linkous, Executive Director of the PSA announced the move Monday night during the February meeting of the Pulaski  County Board of Supervisors.

The old motel will be demolished by county crews and the site will be transformed into the PSA’s third conveniene center.

Like the centers in Dublin and Fairlawn, the new one on Old Route 100 will be available for PSA customers to bring their large items and brush.

The PSA is developing a new bar code system for their sites, which will allow only PSA customers access to the sites. The bar code will be on PSA customers’ bill.

You can see Linkous’ entire presentation to the board by viewing our recording of the meeting at this link: https://www.facebook.com/pcpatriot/videos/1376587283138037

His presentation begins around the 20:00 mark of the video.

We’ll have more later.