Pulaski County Announces New Online Permitting System

Pulaski County Administration is pleased to announce that a new online permitting system is now available to the public. The Energov Citizen Self Service Portal offers a “one stop shop” to apply for, track, and manage both permits and plans. The online portal provides easy access for users to schedule inspections, make payments and print permits and plan approval from the users account.

The Energov platform is supported by Tyler Technology. This cloud based solution is currently used by hundreds of municipalities across the United States across a variety of products. Twenty-two (22) of the twenty-five (25) largest counties in the United States are currently using Tyler products.

The Community Development Office, which includes Engineering, Building and Planning/Zoning participated in a year-long collaboration with the Information Technology Department and Tyler Technologies to develop and customize the new permitting and plan review platform. Paper applications and processes  have been converted to the online format.  The overall vision for the online platform is to eliminate the use of paper and inefficient processes to save both time and money for the county and its citizens.

“This new platform is just another example of Pulaski County’s effort to provide the highest level of customer service, keep up with industry standards and expedite the development demands we are experiencing in the County”, stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator.  “Our Community Development Office is staffed with top-tier professionals and feel this new tool will increase capacity and accessibility that will prove to give our citizens and customers an even better end-product and option of experience.”

The Citizen Self Service (CSS) platform is available from the Pulaski County website at the Home page (http://www.pulaskicounty.org/)  and the webpages for the Building Department, Planning Department and Engineering Department. Users are required to register with an active email the first time they log in. Once a user is registered in the system, the permitting process is user friendly and convenient to access. The portal organizes the permits and plans associated with a user, which allows the user to track past or current permits. The new system allows building inspection staff to log inspection reports in real time.  This feature allows users to track projects without having to contact the office. Payments can be made online using a credit card and the system automatically sends invoices, receipts and permits to the email on file. Citizens who lack the technology to use the online service can still apply for permits by contacting the Community Development Department.  Staff is available to assist users of the new system and answer any questions about the new permitting system. Contact Pulaski County Community Development Office 540-980-7710  for assistance.