Pulaski Elks Pay Homage to Veterans Home Coming 1945

Pulaski Elks Pay Homage to Veterans Home Coming 1945

This year observance of Veterans Day marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two. In November 1945 our community was in celebration. Celebrating Veterans Day and a homecoming of Pulaski’s military servicemen and women of all creed and colors returning to the place they had longed to see. These young GI’s had enlisted as the war clouds had grown, as the seas of war began to rise, even after the winds of war with its carnage was in a full gale. They returned in 1945 to America as citizens who faced shot and shell, homesickness, and fear. War now over the discharged citizens came home. Their experiences that had broaden their views would be remembered for their entire life.

As signatures dried on articles of surrender, the editors of the Southwest Times offered a way to honor the Sons and Daughters of Pulaski. Readers were asked to send in a photo of their GI’s so that their name would be recorded in an album, to honor the protectors of our nation.

It is in honor of those listed in this Album that the Pulaski Elks Lodge #1067 members set up a sound booth and recorded each name, rank, service branch, theater of service, along with their home town or community. The Elks hope as the listener hears this role- call that these names, will open a memory    of these patriots and they will be recalled in the bright light of gratitude and honor.

The historic setting recording will be aired in its entirety on November the 11th at 11 AM on WBLB Radio 1340 AM, the significance of 11-11-11 will be honored as well.  After airing the recording will be presented to Pulaski County Veterans Committee for rearing or for use in history education.

The Pulaski Elks Lodge have many people to thank. This program would not have been possible without the help and assistance of Elks lodge members. The Southwest Times publishers, editors, and management of 1945. The technical genius and directing skills of Adaire Theater, and Kathy Nipper and her staff of Radio station WBLB 1340 AM.

Please tune in Wednesday and hear some history from some grateful citizens.