Pulaski Free Clinic now accepting new patients with Medicaid


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There is good news for those with Medicaid in Pulaski County!

The Pulaski Free Clinic is now accepting new patients with Medicaid at its facility in downtown Pulaski.

According to Linda Frank, Executive Director of the clinic, it took some 18 months for Pulaski Free Clinic to work through all the government requirements, paperwork and credentialling necessary to serve Medicaid patients.

pulaski free clinicFor those individuals in Pulaski County with Medicaid, the fact Pulaski Free Clinic will see them now is huge.

There are few physicians locally who will see Medicaid patients, and often there is a long waiting list.

Now, Pulaski Free Clinic will see those with Medicaid – in addition to continuing to provide service to their free clinic patients who have no health coverage.

The Free Clinic provides the same services as any regular doctor’s office.

“The same services that we’ve always provided,” Frank stressed. “Which is essentially anything that’s going to happen in a normal private practice doctor’s office including lab tests, referrals, wound care – just everything that a normal doctor’s office takes care of.”

Frank said the clinic, located at 25 4th Street, N.W. in Pulaski has the capacity to serve between 500 and 600 patients.

She added the Free Clinic is in a unique position regarding continuity of care.

“What we can do that no other clinic or doctor’s office can do is, say you’re working and have Medicaid. We’ll see you. Then you get a raise and no longer qualify for Medicaid. We’ll still see you and continue to keep you healthy,” Frank said.

“Pulaski is trying to revitalize itself and the health care of our citizens, I think, should be at the top” of the list of priorities, Frank continued, especially for those who are below a certain income level.

“We’ve got a 38-year track record of people loving us and wanting to be here [as patients]. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Frank says, looking into the future of the clinic, “the same way we’ve undertaken to fill the gap in Pulaski right now with Medicaid, we also want to look at what are the other gaps?

“Obviously mental health, obviously routine dental, maybe women’s health. We don’t know exactly yet what we are looking forward to doing. But as we possibly can, we want to be the hub of healthcare in Pulaski. We want to fill whatever gaps are remaining,” Frank said.

She and Board President Jim Kelly noted the clinic – an independent non-profit organization – has enjoyed wonderful support from both the Town of Pulaski and Pulaski County, as well as from the Virginia General Assembly, a variety of foundations and from donors since it began in 1984.

All of them, Frank said, are supportive of the clinic’s addition of service to those county residents with Medicaid.

About the Pulaski Free Clinic

It’s mission is “to provide quality healthcare to uninsured adults and those with Medicaid in Pulaski County, Virginia.”

The Pulaski Free Clinic was founded in 1986 by community leaders who believed that everyone has the right to health care.

Today, the clinic provides primary medical care to low-income adult residents of Pulaski County who do not receive health insurance benefits in the workplace, who cannot afford private insurance, as well as those covered by Medicaid.

The Pulaski Free Clinic is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization.

The Pulaski Free Clinic Provides: 

  • Primary medical care (regular medical office visits)
  • Referral to specialists for additional testing or treatment if needed
  • Lab work and diagnostics
  • Diabetes management and education
  • Medication Assistance Program is available for eligible patients to receive needed medicine and supplies

How to become a patient at the Pulaski Free Clinic:

Ready to become a patient?

The Pulaski Free Clinic accepts anyone who has Medicaid. We will accept anyone for FREE medical services who:

  • Is a resident of Pulaski County, and
  • Is over 18 and under 65 years old, and
  • Is not insured and
  • Is considered “Low-Income” as defined by the state of Virginia, meaning that your entire household income falls at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

You qualify for absolutely free medical visits if your total household income is:

$43,740 for 1 person (just one person living in the household)
$59,160 for 2 people (including children) living in the household
$74,580 for 3 people 
$90,000 for 4 people 


How do you become a patient?

Call the clinic at (540) 980-0922 to schedule an intake screening.

You will need to bring all of the following things to your intake appointment:

  • Identification cardor driver’s license
  • Proof of Pulaski County residency(water bill, letter from government agency, etc.)
  • Proof of income for the entire household
    ​If you are unsure about this, please ask when you call us
  • Last 30 days of pay stubs if employed


  • Income records if self-employed
  • Most recent Federal income tax returnif you or anyone in your home filed taxes last year
  • Letter showing unemployment benefits, disability benefits and/or social security benefits for everyone in your home
  • Medicaid denial letterif you have received one (very important!)

Contact the clinic at 540-980-0922.