Staffing concerns continue to hamper pool opening at Randolph Park

The county of Pulaski began advertising for Randolph Park pool staff since March of 2021. We have received a minimal number of applications to fill several positions to operate our pool facility. Qualified applicants seeking to serve as lifeguards must be certified by the American Red Cross through a three-day course.

We have a few candidates that will seek certification over the next few weeks, however, we have numerous vacant positions to fill in order to open the pool facility.

We had previously set limitations on the patron capacity and qualifications based on COVID protocol and unfortunate low number of applicants. As of now, our tentative pool opening date is Monday, June 28th at 12:00 pm and hours of operation will be Monday – Saturday 12:00pm till 6:00pm. 

Opening the pool depends on having enough qualified lifeguards to ensure the safety of all patrons as our number one priority. If we are able to open, our current staff situation will require that we only allow a certain number of patrons into the pool facility unless something changes over the next few weeks. Randolph Park Pool will only be available to Pulaski County citizens (which includes both the Town of Dublin and Town of Pulaski). ALL adult patrons will be required to show a valid identification (license) verifying county residency. It should also be noted that field trips to the pool by organizations within the county will not be allowed this summer.

Should we get enough staff over the next few weeks to operate the pool according to all safety protocol, we will announce new guidelines and hopefully lift restrictions for attendance. The County of Pulaski will follow the guidance and guidelines from the CDC and the Commonwealth of Virginia for the operation of outdoor swimming pools as COVID measures continue to be lifted. 

For further information, please contact Shay Dunnigan at or call 540-674-1513(ext. 2)