Town: GFL to use Friday to ensure all containers have been serviced

Pulaski logoThis has been a challenging week for everyone, with the beginning of a new year and a new trash service for residents of the Town. It has been a learning experience for all of us as something new always is, and not everything happened as was planned. GFL has worked hard to put the appropriate containers in the correct locations, but it was not always executed correctly the first time. This has meant that some containers were delivered after the original planned service day.

To make sure all trash is collected, GFL has agreed to use Friday of this week, January 6, to go throughout the Town one last time to ensure that all containers have been serviced. Please leave your trash containers out until they are emptied. Christmas trees will be picked up in a special run by the Town of Pulaski’s Public Works Department on next Tuesday, January 10, so please place those at the curb or street edge that morning.

If you need to purchase additional cans, please contact the Town of Pulaski’s Finance Office and we will arrange for their delivery.

Also, if you were not previously aware of the assisted service that is available to elderly and disabled, please contact Finance and provide the necessary documentation as this service is something that we clearly want to provide as needed.

Please keep in mind that there also is the new Convenience Center for Town residents, located at 100 Sheriff FR Conner drive, behind the Sheriff’s department. The site accepts household trash, recycling, metal, tires, appliances, Electronics, batteries, as well as brush.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these changing times.