VDOT warns drivers of snow-covered and icy roads with potential to re-freeze

SALEM – After this morning’s snow, roads throughout the district are snow-covered with areas of slush and with cold pavement temperatures, icy road conditions are also present throughout southwestern Virginia. At this time, drivers are strongly encouraged to consider postponing travel until road conditions improve.

VDOT crews are actively engaged pushing snow and applying abrasives with the main focus on clearing Interstates and primary roads first. Once primary routes are clear, crews will begin to work on secondary routes.

As of 11:30 a.m., road conditions in western Virginia range from minor (icy patches) to moderate (snow or ice covered).

Interstate 81, I-581 and I-77 and primary roads (those numbered 1-599) are in minor condition with icy patches and slick spots. Motorists should allow for extra time, reduce speed and use caution on bridges, overpasses, ramps and in cooler areas on these routes.

Secondary roads and neighborhood streets (those numbered 600 and above) are in moderate condition with icy patches and snow covering the roads. Drivers should watch for icy patches on secondary roads, particularly in the higher elevations and on bridges and overpasses.

As air temperatures drop and winds increase, pavement temperatures are expected to drop creating the potential for re-freezing on the roadways later today and overnight. Icy conditions may occur first on bridges, overpasses, ramps and shaded areas. Drivers should use caution on roads that appear wet as ice may have formed.

Travelers can get real-time information on road conditions, traffic incidents and congestion on Virginia roads by using VDOT’s 511 free mobile app or the www.511Virginia.org website and phone system, which can help travelers plan their routes accordingly.