Virginia commission extends moratorium on utility shutoffs

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia’s State Corporation Commission has extended its moratorium on utility shutoffs.
The commission said in a statement on Monday that the shutoff ban is being extended from August 31 to September 16.
The commission said the extension gives the Virginia General Assembly more time to pass any legislation related to the pandemic’s impact on customers’ ability to pay their bills.
The SCC’s moratorium was originally imposed on March 16, 2020. It was an emergency measure to protect customers from the immediate economic impacts of the COVID crisis.
After the shutoff ban ends, customers who entered into extended payment plans will continue to be protected if they remain current or enter into new repayment plans.
“The expiration of our moratorium does not mean that customers are without options for continuing utility service, and we strongly urge utilities to make every effort to accommodate customers who are making good-faith efforts to pay their bills,” the commission said.