Volvo to recall some 400 laid off employees

Volvo to recall some 400 laid off employees

Volvo Trucks North America will be calling back some 400 laid off workers to its New River Valley truck plant in Dublin within the next couple weeks, The Patriot learned Friday.

Volvo’s John Mies confirmed the news Friday afternoon.

“While there is still uncertainty about how the pandemic and the truck market will evolve, we’re seeing improved retail demand and reduced dealer inventories that will allow us to recall about 400 people,” Mies said Friday.

“We’re staying ready to adapt quickly to market changes, but we’re happy to be able to take this step,” he continued.

Mies said the company expects most of the recalled employees to be back at work the week of September 14.

The year began with news that Volvo would lay off some 700 workers at its New River Valley plant in January. Eventually the number of laid off workers was somewhat less than 700. However, a second group of employees was laid off not long ago due to the COVID-19 virus.

Prior to this year’s layoffs, Volvo’s workforce stood at about 3,500.