Voting ‘steady’ in Pulaski County by early afternoon

Voting in Pulaski County has been steady today, according to Director of Elections Kathy Webb.

“Our polling sites are busy,” Webb said, noting that at 1 p.m. countywide turnout stood at 21 percent. There are 21,986 people registered to vote in the county for this election.

Webb said Walker Precinct had the highest turnout at 1 p.m. of any of the county’s 12 precincts with 29 percent voting.

Polls stay open today until 7 p.m.

No less than 18 races are up for grabs today, with voters due to elect a Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, Sheriff, Commonwealth’s Attorney, five Board of Supervisors members, five School Board members, Soil and Water Conservation Directors. County voters will also help elect a State Senator and two Delegates to the State House of Delegates.

All 140 seats in the Virginia General Assembly are up for election. Republicans hold a two-seat majority in each, while Gov. Ralph Northam is a Democrat. Candidates elected this year will hold office through the 2020 redistricting cycle, so these elections will decide how that process plays out, according to Ballotpedia.

If Republicans retain control of the Senate or the state House, they will have a seat at the redistricting table. If Democrats win both chambers of the legislature, they will have a trifecta and full control of the government during redistricting.

  • In the Virginia State Senate, Republicans hold a 21-19 majority. Ballotpedia identified seven districts as battlegrounds this year: Republicans hold six of the districts and Democrats hold one. Republicans have held a majority in the chamber since 2015.
  • In the Virginia House of Delegates, Republicans hold a 51-49 majority. Ballotpedia identified 27 districts as battlegrounds this year: Republicans hold 16 of the districts and Democrats hold 11. Republicans have held a majority in the chamber since 2000. Court-ordered redistricting in 2019 created seven new districts with Republican incumbents that voted for Hillary Clinton (D) in the 2016 presidential election.

Remember to bring your photo ID to the polls. Call Webb’s office at 540-980-2111 with any questions.