Town responds to comments on Randolph-West Main traffic signal removal

Pulaski logoThe Town of Pulaski this afternoon released a statement pertaining to the traffic lights at Randolph Avenue and West Main Street / Corbin Harmon Drive.

Pulaski Town Council recently endorsed a plan to eventually remove traffic signals in the downtown area in favor of four-way stops, due to traffic counts being too small to warrant traffic signals.

The Randolph – West Main signal is the first to be converted.

The release follows:

From the Town of Pulaski

There have been a number of comments about the decision to eliminate traffic lights at Randolph and West Main/Corbin Harmon Drive that deserve a response.

    • A warrant study by an independent engineering firm determined that this location and several others in the downtown did not justify the need for traffic lights.
    • The signal head at this location did not allow for a 4-way all red signal; therefore, when the signal was changed, it flashed yellow on West Main and red for Randolph, even though Randolph has high traffic volumes.
    • The flashing signals lasted two weeks to allow drivers to get comfortable with the change.
    • The traffic lights were bagged and a 2-way stop installed on West Main/Corbin Harmon Drive given the traffic volume on Randolph.
    • It was apparent over the weekend that not all drivers are adhering to the stop signs and in fact, some are stopping on Randolph; others are waving cars through.
    • Rolling stops do not count as a stop.
    • The speed limit on these two streets is 25mph.
    • The Town has now installed a 4-way stop at this intersection which will require drivers to come to a complete stop and adhere to the 25mph speed limit.