A Different Spotlight — 68th Annual Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Meeting

In the season of COVID-19 and all things unexpected, the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce will celebrate businesses that embody innovation, versatility and adaptability at the 68th Annual Chamber Meeting this fall. 2020 calls for creativity and new ideas in the business world, and the Chamber will implement these concepts in the planning and execution of their meeting and awards.

Members of the Chamber are eligible to be nominated for the following awards: Most Innovative Business, Best Service, 2020 Super Hero and Community Champion. The uncertainty and a year full of change inspired the Chamber to create award categories spotlighting businesses that have helped customers, colleagues and citizens navigate uncharted waters. The exploration of the unknown and Chamber members’ business-minded tenacity is the reason why we will all come out of 2020 even stronger.

When challenges arise, it’s easy to focus on what you can’t do. The Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce will commemorate and highlight businesses that have focused on what they can do.

From renovations to virtual shopping, this is the year of creative minds and adaptive spirits, and the Chamber is thrilled to recognize champions of these mindsets.