Academic Activities Winners announced for the 2021-22 National Guard Cup presented by the Virginia Army National Guard 

Galileo, Radford, Fluvanna County, Jefferson Forest, Clover Hill, and Thomas Jefferson S&T

claim 2021-22 National Guard Cup Academic crowns

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — Some familiar faces and two first-timers lead the way in the 2021-22 National Guard Cup presented by the Virginia Army National Guard for yearlong academic activities success. Claiming Cups for the first time include Galileo in Class 1 and Fluvanna County in Class 3. In Class 2, Radford won for the fifth time; in Class 4, Jefferson Forest won for the second time; in Class 5, Clover hill won its second Cup. Finally, in Class 6, Thomas Jefferson S&T won its sixth Cup since 2013, but it’s first in Class 6.

        Highlights: Class 1: Galileo totaled 105 points, followed by last season’s Cup winner, Eastside, with 85; Class 2: Radford scored 195 points with last year’s champion, Central (Wise), in second with 90 points; Class 3: Fluvanna County claimed the Cup with an impressive 250 points, followed by Maggie for second with 137.5 points; Class 4: Jefferson Forest ran away with the competition with 286.25 points followed by James Wood in second with 150 points; Class 5: A runner-up last year, Clover Hill claimed its first Cup with 345 points followed closely by Princess Anne with 340 points; Class 6: Thomas Jefferson S&T moved up a classification but continued its dominance in academic activities claiming its’ fourth Cup in five years with 340 points, followed by McLean with 240 points.

First awarded in 1990, the Cup represents 33 seasons of excellence, with six Cups awarded for academic activities and athletics in each of the VHSL’s six enrollment classifications.

A point system determines the winners based on overall performance in VHSL state championship competitions. In addition, schools earn academic activity points for outstanding participation in magazine, newsmagazine, newspaper, online news, yearbook, broadcasting, theatre, scholastic bowl, forensics, debate, creative writing, and film festival. Complete standings are attached.

For the five academic activities involving team champions — scholastic bowl, creative writing, debate, theatre, forensics, and robotics — points are awarded on the following basis: first place, 50; second place, 45; third place, 40; fourth place, 35; fifth place, 30; sixth place, 25; seventh place, 20; and eighth place, 15.

Scoring for publications is based on the ranking earned in the League’s evaluation service: Trophy Class, 35; First Place, 20; Second Place, 5.

The VHSL is proud to partner with the Virginia Army National Guard. The Virginia Army National Guard has been serving the Virginia communities since 1607. The Virginia Army National Guard is now the title sponsor for the VHSL’s National Guard Cup to honor the Champions of Champions! To learn more about the Virginia Army National Guard, visit

National Guard Cup winners for achievement in academic activities from 1990-2022:

Year                               Group A                                                          Group AA                                             Group AAA
1990                               Prince Edward                                              Abingdon                                             Monacan
1991                               Prince Edward                                              Abingdon                                             Monacan
1992                               Prince Edward                                              Abingdon                                             James Madison/Woodbridge
1993                               Saint Paul                                                       Abingdon                                             James Madison
Year                               Group A                                                          Group AA                                             Group AAA
1994                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             James Madison
1995                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Chantilly/James Madison
1996                               Galax                                                                Abingdon                                             Chantilly
1997                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             James Madison
1998                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Chantilly
1999                               Madison County                                          Blacksburg                                           Chantilly
2000                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             George Washington/McLean
2001                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             George Washington
2002                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Chantilly
2003                               Madison County                                          Charlottesville                                    George Washington
2004                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Chantilly
2005                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Chantilly
2006                               Madison County                                          Charlottesville                                    Chantilly
2007                               Madison County                                          Abingdon                                             Westfield
2008                               Madison County                                          Charlottesville                                    Chantilly
2009                               Madison County                                          Charlottesville                                    Chantilly
2010                               Madison County                                          Salem (Salem)                                    Westfield
2011                               Madison County                                          Harrisonburg                                       Westfield
2012                               Madison County                                          Harrisonburg                                       Westfield
2013                               Madison County                                          Harrisonburg                                       TJ S&T
Year         Class 1                       Class  2                      Class  3                         Class  4                           Class  5                       Class 6
2014      Radford                Madison County         Lafayette                  Harrisonburg                   TJ S&T                           Chantilly
2015      Bland Co.             Central (Wise)             Blacksburg                Harrisonburg                   Princess Anne           Stafford
2016      Radford                Central (Wise)             Cave Spring              Woodgrove                     Princess Anne           Clover Hill
2017      Radford                Central (Wise)             Blacksburg                Harrisonburg                   TJ S&T                           Chantilly
2018      Galileo                   Radford                          Turner Ashby          Jefferson Forest            TJ S&T                           Chantilly
2019      G.Wythe              Maggie Walker            Turner Ashby          Blacksburg                       Massaponax               Robinson
2020      COVID-19
2021      Eastside                Central (Wise)             Charlottesville         Grafton                             TJ S&T               Robinson
2022      Galileo                   Radford                          Fluvanna Co.           Jefferson Forest            Clover Hill                    TJ S&T