Animal Control, PAWS introduce two new programs

Pulaski County Animal Control and PAWS Clinic are pleased to announce two new programs available at the shelter.

Blair, a four-year-old pit bull who was brought to our shelter by a good Samaritan who saved her from an uncertain life because she refused to fight; that was just not in her nature at all.  Suffering from severe dental disease, she came through extensive surgery only to suffer a ruptured tumor on her spleen. Yet again, she was faced with another surgery but sadly, she passed from complications.
“Blair’s Fund” was created to help local pit bull and pit bull mixes to be spayed or neutered and receive a Rabies vaccine for $20.

“Groucho’s Fund” is in memory of our shelter favorite “feral” cat.  When his owner passed away, Groucho came to the shelter to live.  Visitors were often greeted by him and whether or not you could pet him was determined by him and him alone.  He earned his keep by helping temperament test many dogs here at the shelter.
In his later years, he could be found lounging in one of the office chairs.  Our sweet boy passed away September 7, 2021.
Through “Groucho’s Fund”, a $20 fee will include spay/neuter, Rabies vaccine, and ear tip for residents of Pulaski County.

Spay/Neuter:   Dogs  $85   Cats  $55

All surgeries and vaccines are by appointment only.

We do offer vaccines and microchipping- contact for prices.

Contact Pulaski County Animal Control 540-674-8359