Appalachian League opens play today; Pulaski at Danville

Appalachian League opens play today; Pulaski at Danville

Appalachian League baseball is back!

Taking the field for the first time since 2019, the Appy League will begin its 2021 season Thursday, June 3, with all 10 teams in action. While the league’s cities remain the same, much has changed since the last time Appy League baseball was played.

After serving as a rookie-level league in Minor League Baseball since 1963, the Appy League transitioned in 2020 to a collegiate summer league as part of the MLB and USA Baseball Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP), a pathway for amateur baseball players in the United States. The league, which will feature rising freshmen and sophomores, will also be an integral part of the identification and development process for the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team and other future national teams.

The league is comprised of 10 clubs in Bluefield, West Virginia; Bristol, Virginia; Burlington, North Carolina; Danville, Virginia; Elizabethton, Tennessee; Greeneville, Tennessee; Johnson City, Tennessee; Kingston, Tennessee; Princeton, West Virginia; and Pulaski, Virginia.

As part of their transition to a summer collegiate league and away from an affiliated Club, each of the 10 teams were able adopt a new identity that will debut this season, complete with new names and logos that are more closely associated with the communities in which they play.

The new identities for each team are as follows:

  • Bluefield Ridge Runners
  • Bristol State Liners
  • Burlington Sock Puppets
  • Danville Otterbots
  • Elizabethton River Riders
  • Greeneville Flyboys
  • Johnson City Doughboys
  • Kingsport Axmen
  • Princeton WhistlePigs
  • Pulaski River Turtles

Fans will be able to follow all of the Appy League action this summer in several ways:

Games will be live streamed online with audio feeds, giving fans up-to-the-minute news and notes on some of college baseball’s finest. Game broadcasts can be found on each team’s website. Although not ready for opening weekend, all games will eventually host a video stream online for its games. Stay tuned to @AppyLeague for more information as it becomes available.

Each game can be followed live on GameChanger, which will provide fans with play-by-play and statistics from each game in real time. Visit to find live stats to every game of the season.

All 10 teams are also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow your favorite teams today and follow @AppyLeague for news throughout all 10 Clubs.

Ticket information is available on each team’s website. Visit[teamcity]/tickets to find out more.

OPENING DAY SCHEDULE (first pitch for all games is at 7 p.m. EST)

  • Bluefield Ridge Runners @ Kingsport Axmen
  • Bristol State Liners @ Johnson City Doughboys
  • Burlington Sock Puppets @ Princeton WhitstlePigs
  • Pulaski River Turtles @ Danville Otterbots
  • Greeneville Flyboys @ Elizabethton River Riders

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