Armentrout nominated to run for re-election as Radford Sheriff

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Radford Republicans nominate Mark Armentrout for a fifth term as sheriff.
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Sheriff Mark Armentrout

Mark Armentrout was nominated run for re-election as Radford City Sheriff by a unanimous vote at a Republican Mass Meeting held on Tuesday May 11th.  Armentrout sincerely thanked the assembled members of the GOP for another opportunity to carry the banner and seek re-election for the fifth time.  He also thanked his wife Karen for her support and proudly informed the crowd that she was and is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Armentrout took the opportunity to recount some of his many accomplishments in his 17 years as Sheriff, including the “Good Morning Radford” program, where the Sheriff’s office calls enrolled senior citizens in the City each morning to make sure they are all right. These short friendly telephone calls ensure the senior is not experiencing health-related difficulties. If repeated calls go unanswered, a deputy is dispatched to their residence to check on them.

Sheriff Armentrout also noted that under his leadership the department achieved State accreditation in just 2 short years.  He started the TRIAD program for local senior citizens.  His department took over teaching the DARE program to Radford elementary age students and that he was elected chairmen of there New River Valley Region Jail.  He further proclaimed, with great pride, about his department’s collaborations with the New River Valley Community Services Board.  He has hired 6 full time deputies to staff a Crisis Intervention Center to assist with individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.