Broadband service expected by fall 2024

Pulaski County logoBy MIKE WILLIAMS

The Patriot

Fiber optic broadband internet service is closer to becoming a reality for 7,900 unserved locations in Pulaski County.

The Board of Supervisors heard an update Monday night by a representative of All Points Broadband on the $55 million project.

The infrastructure project is the largest ever in Pulaski County and is a joint project between Pulaski County, All Points Broadband, New River Valley Regional Commission and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.

Pulaski County’s share of the project cost is $2 million coming from CARES Act funding received by the county.

The project involves bringing approximately 420 miles of fiber optic broadband to the 7,900 unserved locations in the county with service expected by Fall of 2024 – ensuring that all locations in Pulaski County will have internet coverage if desired.

The two-year project timeline began in December 2022. Pre-construction design work has been the major focus of All Points Broadband to this point.

Engineers from the company are working this week to field-validate the fiber routes throughout the county as part of that pre-construction work.

The entry level broadband service will feature one gigabit speed in uploading and downloading – enough capacity to upload or download big files in moments.

The entry level plan will cost customers $59 per month.

Some customers who are income eligible can apply for a monthly discount of up to $30 through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at A device discount of up to $100 is also available.