Calfee Community and Cultural Center to host Digital Day

The Calfee Community & Cultural Center (CCCC) will be hosting Digital Day at Randolph Ave United Methodist Church located at 1607 Randolph Ave. Pulaski. The event will take place on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 from 10 Am -two o’clock PM.

The CCCC will house a museum that will feature a highly interactive and multi-sensory exhibit designed to share the story of Pulaski’s struggle for equal education for Black children as well as the daily life and people of the historic Calfee Training School and the community for which it served as a hub.

The CCCC, the Virginia Tech History Department, and Dr. Jessicia Taylor would like to invite the community to Digital Day. People with information to share about the historic Calfee Training School and the community are invited to share their memories and assist in the identification process of our growing collocation of archival photographs. Anyone interested in learning more about the process to revitalize the historic Calfee Training School is also invited to drop by and hear about the plans for the building.

Lastly, if you have photos or artifacts in relation to the history of the Calfee Training School or local African American history then you are encouraged to bring them. Volunteers will be on hand to accept donations of artifacts or to scan artifacts that donors wish to keep in their own collections. To learn more about the event please visit or email