Carr seeking Cloyd District seat on PC School Board

6 16 Aaron Carr copy

Aaron Carr has announced his candidacy for the Cloyd District seat on the Pulaski County School Board.

“I am extremely honored to announce my candidacy for the Cloyd District School Board seat,” Carr said in a press release this week. “I am excited about the opportunity to represent the parents, grandparents, guardians, students, faculty and citizens of Pulaski County.”

In his release, Carr said he is quite involved with schools in the county.

“I currently have two boys in Pulaski County schools, and my youngest son will start his journey next year. Including cousins, we have eight children in Pulaski County schools as a family, and we are completely invested in ensuring it is the best school district it can possibly be.

“My wife and her brothers are graduates of Pulaski County High School and we expect our boys to graduate as Cougars as well. My wife, Alisha and I are very active in Pulaski Recreation sports as coaches, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be part of the growth of the children in our community.

“There is so much potential in our area, and I want to be a part of bringing out the very best in our kids and giving them every opportunity to be productive and successful members of our community,” Carr stated.

As a Vice President of Human Resources, Carr said he is consistently navigating big issues, building leadership teams, and ensuring the company he serves has the human capital it needs to thrive.

“I believe that my experience will be an asset and a compliment to the school board as it pushes forward.

“As I have spent time collecting signatures and discussing issues, there have been some commonalities in the challenges we are facing, and the opportunities in front of us,” Carr said.

He listed a few of those, such as:

  • Transparency – Clear and transparent communication to parents and our community. Nothing done behind closed doors.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Ensure our budget is in line with the number of students we are educating, while also preparing for the future and offering competitive compensation to our staff.
  • Security – Bolster the security for our students and staff.
  • Policies – Ensure our policies are representative of the ideologies espoused by the community we are serving.
  • Focus on Education – Our school systems job is to educate our children in Math, Science, English, History, etc.., It is our job and responsibility as parents to teach morals, religion, and sexuality.
  • Parent Engagement – Guarantee parents’ involvement in their children’s education.
  • Teacher Authority – Give teachers back the authority to run their classrooms.
  • Recruiting – Find the best teachers and keep them.

“We have an obligation and a responsibility to give our kids every opportunity to do great things,” Carr said. “It all starts with their education. I ask for your help and your vote in taking Pulaski County Schools to the next level. The future is bright.”