Commonwealth’s Attorney issues statement on Simpson sentencing

Justin Griffith
Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin Griffith

To the Public,

Today, Richard Dalton Simpson, was sentenced for his June 3rd, 2022 convictions for fifteen counts of possession of child pornography. The Court ordered him to serve 75 years with a 15-year active prison sentence in the Virginia Department of Corrections.

When a 55-year old man is in possession of child pornography, he is infested with a perversion that is not acceptable in our community and God willing, nowhere. Make no mistake, our office and our local law enforcement community are able to hear and see the wicked iniquitous things we do because we keep the aim of justice clearly in our sights at all times.  Justice can have many faces and today, that face is the eradication of freedom of a man who walked amongst us. He blended with us as a member of this community, but was in reality, an immoral deviant who deserved the punishment that was doled out.

A coalition of agencies were eager to unite to assist Pulaski County on this case. The Virginia Office of the Attorney General availed any resources from their office that were needed and they were an agency of their word. The Town of Dublin Police Department allowed their facility to be used in this investigation. The Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force ran out of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office was instrumental in assisting Pulaski County. A Virginia State Police High Tech Crimes Special Agent and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigation Division were the boots in the trenches for our County. The combined forces were able to bring to light what was done in the dark. The Pulaski Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is simply proud to be the agency that took their work, soul denting work, to the finish line.

The continued, united pursuit combined with the severe sentence should tell everyone it is a just day for the Commonwealth of Virginia and Pulaski County.

We are Blessed to Serve,

Justin L. Griffith, Commonwealth’s Attorney Pulaski County