Cougar girls trail 3-2 in rain shortened tennis match at Cave Spring

The Pulaski County girls tennis match at Cave Spring HS on April 8th was suspended.

Here is a breakdown of the current scores:

In singles:

  1. Amarah Hyduke lost 3-8
  2. Isabel Weigel lost 3-8
  3. Victoria Cantrell lost 1-8
  4. Lacy Donaldson won 8-3
  5. Miranda Altis won 8-3
  6. Lainey Peake is currently up 6-5 (match suspended due to rain)

    In doubles:
    1. Hyduke/Weigel is currently down 2-5 (match suspended due to rain)
    2. Cantrell/Donaldson is currently tied 5-5 (match suspended due to rain)
    3. Altis/Peake (match has not yet been started)

“This match was suspended due to rain and will resume on Tuesday, May 10th at PCHS.  The regular scheduled game vs. Cave Spring will follow the conclusion of the suspended match from the 8th of April,” explained coach Brandon Lawson.