Cougar tennis team drops 3 matches

cougar pawCave Spring defeated Pulaski County 8-1

1. Camden Hite   6-1 3-6 11-9
2. Ethan Worley   1- 6 3-6
3. Eli Duke   1-6 0-6

  1. Ryce Washington 0-6 0-6
    5. Foreit
  2. Forfeit

    1. Camden/Eli 2-8
    2. Ethan/Jonah 0-8
    3. Forfeit

    Coach: Chad Graham

    Next Match
    Tuesday; Away at Blacksburg.

Coach’s Comments

“On April 19th, Cave Spring’s boys tennis team journeyed to Pulaski County High School, securing an 8-1 victory. The day was marked by excellent weather and equally impressive performances from Cave Spring players. Notably, the Pulaski team faced challenges as their lineup shrank from six to four players shortly before the match, due to illness and a drama commitment. In the highlight match of the day, Pulaski County’s #1 Camden Hite dazzled the audience. After a straightforward win in the first set, his opponent rallied to force a tiebreaker, but was ultimately edged out by Camden 11-9. This closely mirrored their previous encounter at Cave Spring, where Camden clinched a tense match with set scores of 6-2, 3-6, and a 10-6 tiebreaker. Regrettably, the reduced Pulaski lineup resulted in three forfeited matches, denying some visiting players the chance to compete.”


Floyd County defeated Pulaski County 8-1

1. Camden Hite   8-6
2. Ethan Worley   1-8

  1. Eli Duke   0-8
  2. Jonah Morgan   2-8
    5. Jack Powell   3-8
  3. Ryce Washington 0-8

    1. Camden/Eli 4-8
    2. Ethan/Jonah 1-8
    3. Jack/Ryce 1-8

    Coach: Chad Graham

Coach’s Comments

“On April 17th, Pulaski County High School traveled to the hills of Floyd County and lost 1-8. The predictable sun in your eyes and fierce wind that usually gives Floyd an advantage were both thwarted by clouds and mild temperatures. Floyd’s coach chose to play pro-sets for everything, which may have made up for the sun and wind. However, #1 Camden Hite battled to win a second time this season against a much-improved opponent. #5 Jack Powell had the second-best performance in this match as he won three games. The hardest thing about this match was finding a restaurant where you can park in a flat space. I appreciate Subway for their generosity and good service.”


Salem defeated Pulaski County 9-0

1. Camden Hite   2-8
2. Ethan Worley   0-8
3. Eli Duke   1-8

  1. Jonah Morgan   2-8
    5. Jack Powell   1-8
  2. Ryce Washington 0-8

    1. Camden/Eli 1-8
    2. Ethan/Jonah 5-8
    3. Jack/Ryce 1-8

    Coach: Chad Graham

    Coach’s Comments

” On April 16th, Salem High School visited PCHS and secured a decisive 9-0 victory. Despite excellent temperatures, there was a looming threat of rain, prompting me to opt for pro-sets—a format that historically doesn’t favor our team as some of our players only hit their stride midway through the first set. Standout performances came from #1 Camden Hite and #4 Jonah Morgan, who each won two games, leading the scores for the evening. The duo of Ethan Worley and Jonah Morgan also excelled, claiming the most games of any match during their #2 doubles competition.

I should also note that after six years of coaching tennis, I am still learning rules. Today’s lesson is related to “Doubles Teams”. I had thought that each doubles team had to align with singles rankings in that the #1 doubles team had to be the #1 and #2 player in Singles or some combination of ranks that was better than the next doubles team, but it could literally be any combination that has proved themselves more skillful than the other doubles combinations in practices before the start of the season. Once set, the lineup must be consistent unless a challenge match between doubles teams changes it. The entire lineup is to remain consistent unless there are challenges or substitutions. The final stipulation is that only lower-ranked players can replace a higher-ranked players.”