County: Randolph Park pool closed for summer

Pulaski County has been most deliberate and taken great effort to carefully evaluate the reopening and use of certain public facilities and the hosting of certain youth programs, sporting events and community activities due to COVID-19.  The system of opening the Commonwealth back gradually in three phases provides guidelines on what types of gathering and events may occur during those times. As a result of the continued uncertainty and lack of clear direction to Virginia localities regarding short- and long-term reopening planning for the Commonwealth, it is unfortunate that it has become necessary to notify the citizens of Pulaski County that the following County facilities will be unable to reopen and programs, events, and activities will be discontinued:

  • Randolph Park Pool will remain closed for the summer of 2020 due to state restrictions related to COVID-19
  • Randolph Park shelter reservations for group gatherings that do not comply with the guidelines in phases 1, 2, and 3 have been canceled during this time. Shelter reservation requests for the remainder of summer are on hold until further notification. (Note: Reservations for 2021 begin October 1st and are scheduled through the Visitor Center)
  • Randolph Park 2020 Youth Summer Camp will not be held due to state restrictions related to COVID-19
  • All organized Pulaski County spring and summer youth sports will not be held due to state restrictions related to COVID-19. A decision on the operation of fall sports programs has yet to be determined and will be based on future guidelines associated with COVID-19
  • *All organized third-party sports tournaments (baseball/softball) to be held on County facilities, will be discontinued until at least July 1, 2020, due to state restrictions related to COVID-19


(*The date of July 1, 2020 is subject to change based on national and state reopening guidelines as well as the Governor’s Executive Order(s) in making a determination to reopen or resume.)

Pulaski County Administration will continue to closely monitor, evaluate and react as needed to the current health crisis and will communicate to the public accordingly.