Cullip latest to be qualified for November election

Another candidate has been certified to be placed on the General Election ballot in November in Pulaski County.

According to Kathy Webb, Director of Elections and General Registrar, Andrew R. “Andy” Cullip has qualified as an independent candidate for the Cloyd District seat on the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors.

As of Friday, this is now the list of qualified candidates in Pulaski County for November’s General Election:

Board of Supervisors:


Cloyd District:

Joseph W. “Joe” Guthrie – R

Andrew R. “Andy” Cullip – I


Draper District:

F.M. “Fritz” Streff – D

Dirksen I. “Dirk” Compton – R

Allison Haller Hunter – I


Ingles District:

Laura W. Walters – R

Ranny E. O’Dell – I


Massie District:

H.A. “Andy” McCready – R

John V. Travis – I


Robinson District:

Jeffrey S. Worrell – D

Charles R. Bopp – R


School Board:

Cloyd District:

M. “Bill” Benson, Jr. – I


Draper District:

Timothy C. Hurst – I


Ingles District:

Penny R. Golden – I


Massie District:

Beckie A. Cox – I


Robinson District:

Paige Cash – I


Constitutional Offices:


Michael W. “Mike” Worrell – D


Commissioner of Revenue:

Donna M. Gray – D

Kim L. Matthews – R



Melinda Lyons Worrell – D

Tracy G. Belcher – R


Commonwealth’s Attorney:

Mike Fleenor, Jr – D


Soil and Water Conservation Director Skyline District:

(vote for two)


Senate of Virginia– 38th District

Augustus Benton Chafin, Jr. – R


House of Delegates – 7th District

Larry N. “Nick” Rush – R


House of Delegates – 12th District

Forrest Hite – R

Webb reminded voters that only candidates for Virginia General Assembly seats will be listed on the ballot with a party afiliation. No party affiliation will be listed for any local candidates.

The deadline to be qualified for the November election and to have candidates’ names placed on the ballot is Tuesday, June 11 at 7 p.m.

For information contact Webb at the Registrar’s Office, 87 Commerce Street
Pulaski, VA 24301 or call 540-980-2111.

By Mike Williams, The Patriot