Delegate Jeff Campbell Announces Retirement

Jeff Campbell

MARION – Delegate Jeff Campbell (R-Marion) released a statement
on Saturday announcing his intention not to seek re-election to a sixth term in the Virginia
House of Delegates.

Campbell was expected to be the delegate for the new District 46 following last year’s redistricting of House districts throughout the Commonwealth. 

The 46th District – as of January 1, 2024 – will include all of Wythe, Smyth and Grayson Counties, the northwest corner of Carroll and the western half of Pulaski County.

The eastern half of Pulaski County will be in the 42nd District with all of Giles County, all of Radford and the northwestern portion of Montgomery County – including Christiansburg. Del. Jason Ballard is likely to be the delegate in the 42nd.

Elections in November will decide for sure who will be the delegates in the 42nd and 46th districts.

In making his retirement announcement, Campbell quoted scripture:

“For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven;”
-Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Verse 1

“I have been so very blessed to have the support of my amazing wife, Carie, not only during my time in office but for more than four decades that we have been together.  During this time, we have raised four children that I am extremely proud of and, simultaneously, apologetic to for the many nights, weeks and months of absence from their lives during the commission of my public service.  When I was sworn into the House in 2014, our family photo, taken in front of the Clerk’s dais, displays a young family with children in elementary school.  Ten years later, those children are grown and have gone off to college.  If I have any regrets from my service, it is that I wasn’t there nearly enough during their formative years.  I can’t say “thank you” loudly enough to them and my wife for their unending patience, understanding and perseverance during the past decade.  They are, without question, the loves of my life and I sincerely hope my service can be something for which they can one day look upon with pride as they were, largely, the reasons for my desire to become involved in the first place,” Campbell said.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the great colleagues and staff that I was so fortunate to have served with.  Their daily commitment and sacrifice is truly astonishing.  I am not sure there is a handful of the scores of Delegates that I have served with in the House and Senate that even possess the words, “I, me or my” in their vocabulary.  My impression of the body as a whole is exemplary of the concept of “selfless service” and it is truly the highest honor of my professional life to have been a part of it,” he continued.

“However, my season has now come and gone and I am announcing that I will not be seeking a sixth term in the Virginia House of Delegates.  I make this announcement after many months of prayer, consultation with my family and colleagues and with the profound appreciation to all of the constituents that supported me through the past five election cycles and that I have had the honor of serving in the House for so many years.  I pledge to continue to serve through transition to what I am sure will be a worthy and even more capable successor and pray for God’s continued blessing upon the Commonwealth of Virginia,” Campbell said.