DMV Launches New Webpage to Help Customers Prepare for Visit Lists Forms and Documents Needed for Most Popular Services

RICHMOND – If you’re planning a trip to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), your first stop should be to

The new webpage helps customers prepare for their visit ahead of time by listing the forms and documents required to complete the most popular in-person services offered by the DMV. The site serves as a one-stop reference page for busy customers who want to ensure they complete their transaction at the DMV in a single visit.

“We want to make the most of your time. That includes ensuring you complete your business in one trip,” said Acting DMV Commissioner Linda Ford. “We hope that, by creating more awareness of the forms and documents needed for service, customers will find it easier to come prepared and have an even better DMV experience.”

The page details the materials required to complete REAL ID, original driver’s licenses and learner’s permits, vehicle titling and registrations, and vital records transactions, among others. The webpage also provides links to an easy-to-use guide to selecting the right documents for driver’s license and ID transactions, helpful information about titling and registration, and applications that can be completed in advance and even submitted online.

“I strongly encourage customers to take a few minutes prior to your trip to DMV to check out and learn more about what you’ll need for a successful visit,” Acting Commissioner Ford said. “Help us help you get in and out and on with your day.”

To prepare for your trip to DMV, go to