Eagle Scout project yields Memorial Wall for fallen law officers in NRV

In a somber and private ceremony, the New River Criminal Justice Training Academy officially dedicated its Law Enforcement Memorial Wall on Wednesday afternoon at the academy.  Director Martin Alford told students and guest that Eagle Scout Candidate Joseph Ainsworth had approached the academy about doing a project for his Eagle Scout.  After some discussion, Director Alford and Ainsworth thought that helping out on this memorial wall would be a fitting project with lasting impact.

Ainsworth, a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 48 in Pulaski, Virginia, raised $160.00 through different projects and worked at the academy helping to build, stain, and paint the wall.  After two years of work, the project was completed and is a fitting tribute for our fallen officers.

Ainsworth told those in attendance that he chose to do a memorial wall to honor the fallen Law Enforcement Officers of the New River Valley. “I chose this because these brave men paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their all to keep the citizens of our community’s safe and out of harm’s way” said Ainsworth.

Ainsworth reflected that due to their selfless service to our communities, this inspired him to serve them in a way that bring honor to their memories, their families, and their departments.

Ainsworth acknowledged that the project was accomplished by the hard work of many individuals dedicating their time, efforts, and donations to this Memorial.

The memorial which is comprised of a large mural devoted to these heroes with the symbols of their chosen profession. The shelves under the mural hold the individual plaques dedicated to each Officer and showing the department in which each of them served.

I hope by having this memorial wall near the entrance into the Academy it shows the dedication and professionalism required of each person who enters this building to begin their career in this sacred Brotherhood of the Badge.

Ainsworth thanked Director Marty Alford and the staff of the New River Criminal Justice Training Academy who worked with him to make this memorial possible.