GO PC project ideas needed

GO PULASKI logoMost of us have a built-in desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and to make a real difference, especially when working alongside other volunteers. Go Pulaski County’s motto is “Volunteers Building Community, One Project at a Time.” During a one-day county-wide service event, volunteers of all ages and skills have the opportunity to pitch in on one of a dozen or more projects. At the end of the day, we have contributed to the building up of our community – making a positive difference through the services performed and making new bonds of friendship through service.

We are currently seeking ideas for the October 7, 2023, day of service. If you have an idea, go ahead, and submit it even if you think it is a bit crazy. We love engaging with you to brainstorm how to make it happen!

Here are some project guidelines to help with your idea generation:

  • …should benefit Pulaski County residents in some way
  • …should be able to be complete the project on the day of service…can’t build a house…yet!
  • …can be an indoor or outdoor project but performed in Pulaski County
  • …should facilitate a team of about a dozen people or less…we like to work in fun, small groups


The easiest way to submit a project idea is to go online at https://gopulaskicounty.org/projects/

If you’d like to send an email, info@gopulaskicounty.org

Or, you can call 540-944-8130 or 540-320-7212 if you’d like to discuss a project idea