Griffith secures Democratic Party’s nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Griffith secures Democratic Party’s nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Justin L. Griffith has received the Pulaski County Democrat Party’s nomination to be on the ballot in November’s Special Election for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Griffith became the county’s new Commonwealth’s Attorney on July 1, succeeding Mike Fleenor who was elected by the Virginia General Assembly as a Circuit Court Judge in the 27th Judicial Circuit.

The special election will be held during the nation’s General Election on Nov. 3.

The winner in November for Commonwealth’s Attorney will finish out the rest of the rest of what’s left of Fleenor’s final term – about 2 ½ years.

According to a statement from Griffith issued on Thursday morning, his nomination was done by operation of the Democratic Party’s by-laws. Griffith was the only person who sent written notification to the party of his intent to seek the nomination at the planned mass meeting on Aug. 5. That mass meeting, he said, will now be canceled.

“I am very proud to be nominated and included on this November’s special election ballot,” Griffith said Thursday.  “Sharing the same ballot with the election of the President of the United States is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Griffith added that “having the chance to stand with our Sherriff, Mike Worrell, our Clerk, Maetta Crewe, and our Treasurer, Melinda Worrell, is important to me. As we all know, they are excellent representatives of our County.”

“I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support for my office in the County. We will continue to speak for those unable to speak for themselves, to publicly support our law enforcement officers, and to be transparent leaders for justice in our community.

Pulaski County is united and strong. I plan to make sure other leaders across the Commonwealth never lose sight of that,” he added.

Fleenor served as the county’s prosecutor for 20 years after having been first elected in November 1999.

Fleenor’s first term as a judge will be for eight years.

Griffith worked in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office for almost 9 years, joining the staff in September 2011 and rising to the position of Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney.

According to state law, Griffith as chief deputy automatically took over as Commonwealth’s Attorney to serve until the special election can be held to select a new Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Currently, Griffith is the county’s only announced candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney.