Griffith Statement on Senator Warner’s Call for Better House Impeachment Process

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement regarding H. Res. 660, the Democrat impeachment resolution, and comments from Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) calling for a better impeachment process:

“The Democrat impeachment resolution is an attempt to ratify their ongoing faulty process. It is not a serious document, and it will not provide the transparency and fairness required of an impeachment inquiry.

“Under this resolution, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff retains the power to drive impeachment long after his actions have tainted any appearance of being unbiased. Republicans only receive subpoena authority if the Democrats agree.

“In Judiciary Committee proceedings, President Trump’s counsel is only allowed to participate if he meets the terms set by that committee. Chairman Jerry Nadler is the arbiter of what is or is not lawful.

“Due process at the pleasure of the majority is not due process at all. Due process requires that the accused be able to aggressively question evidence, and that the public be able to observe that process.

“Accordingly, we still need to be able to hear publicly from witnesses.

“Last week on WFIR Radio, I heard Senator Mark Warner say, ‘If the next step is taken, I believe that it will be incumbent upon the House to have many of these same witnesses come out and make public testimony as well because at the end of the day, I’m going to have to make a decision. I want to see these facts as well.’

“I agree with Senator Warner. Impeaching a president based on testimony only a select few have heard is unacceptable. To do the process right, key witnesses have to be called in for public testimony, even if it means testifying a second time.

“The House Democrats are clearly running an unfair process. Even in his attempt to defend what the Democrats in the House are doing, Senator Warner admits that the current process is not one discerning lawmakers and fact judges can adequately rely on.”


The text of the resolution is here.

Senator Warner’s comments on WFIR Radio can be heard here.