Jonathan Sweet … Be On The Lookout!

Be on the Lookout!

In the last two years, Pulaski County was the recipient of multiple international, state and regional awards; we achieved record levels of residential and industrial development; our unemployment rate has been averaging below 3%; we celebrated the investment of the single largest public-private infrastructure project in the history of the County (broadband); we are offering more recreation programming than ever before and continue to improve upon our community parks and recreation assets; we have enjoyed more than thirty-five ribbon cuttings, and the list of positive community successes goes on and on.

jonathan sweetWe literally have so much to collectively celebrate and to be thankful for as a community.  These successes, our positive momentum and the opportunities that await the County, our business community and our citizens, should be the driving forces that help bring everyone together to aggressively compete in this highly competitive marketplace.

For whatever reason, we have folks working diligently to try and find negatives to exaggerate and/or exploit, in order to make the County and/or its leadership look bad.

Having been a part of the leadership of the County through one of the most difficult times (the COVID-19 pandemic), I saw some of the best come out of our community.  The pandemic was a unifying dynamic that figuratively brought our community closer together, paradoxically, as it literally forced us apart.

Other tragedies in our County’s past have unfortunately also been agents of unification that have helped bring our community together.

It may be a paradigm shift or considered cockeyed optimism to dare fathom that our successes should also be an agent that drives our unity and our collective pursuit to elevate our County.  Perhaps because it is election season, logic, reason and common sense may not always prevail, but the continuation of our positive trajectory is worth broaching the subject.

There are forces that seek to derail our success and twist the truth for political and personal purposes.  They will lead you to believe the sky is falling and your local government does not care.  I strongly feel that proxy watchdog organizations, anonymous social media posts and special interest individuals/groups should not represent the pulse of the community or negatively affect local investor or consumer confidence.

Look closely at the intent of those who choose to bring the County down, spread distrust, cause dissention and in good conscience speak falsely about the County or its leadership.

Be on the lookout for those folks who wish to dig a hole and place the County in it.  It is a choice to think positively, speak positively and engage positively, and I am asking the community to come together in this time of historic global, political and economic uncertainties and work together for the common good of Pulaski County and all those who call it home.

Pulaski County is…A Positive Place!