Lady Cougar tennis team bounces back against Carroll

The Pulaski County girls tennis team bounced back from a shellacking at Floyd County to beat Carroll, 5-4 March 17.

In singles against Carroll:
#1 seed Amarah Hyduke lost 8-9 (tiebreak score 2-7)
#2 seed Isabel Weigel lost 5-8
#3 seed Victoria Cantrell lost 1-8
#4 seed Lacy Donaldson won 8-3
#5 seed Miranda Altis won 8-5
#6 seed Lainey Peake won 8-1

In doubles:
#1 seed Amarah Hyduke/Isabel Weigel lost 2-8

#2 seed Victoria Cantrell/Lacy Donaldson won 9-8 (tiebreak score 7-5)
#3 seed Miranda Altis/Lainey Peake won 9-7

¨The ladies demonstrated a lot of mental fortitude and a never give up attitude vs. Carroll to pick up the win,” noted coach Brandon Lawson. “We were down in the overall match 3-4 and needed to pick up the last two double matches to win the match. The girls really wanted to win for their teammates. I am so proud of each and every single one of the ladies. They are a great group of kids who work really hard day in and day out at practice. We look forward to building off this performance.”

The win came on the heels of a 9-0 loss to Floyd County on March 15.

Results against Floyd were:

In singles:
#1 seed Amarah Hyduke lost 0-8
#2 seed Isabel Weigel lost 2-8
#3 seed Victoria Cantrell lost 0-8
#4 seed Lacy Donaldson lost 6-8
#5 seed Miranda Altis lost 0–8
#6 seed Lainey Peake lost 4-8
In doubles:
#1 seed Amarah Hyduke/Isabel Weigel lost 0-8

#2 seed Victoria Cantrell/Lacy Donaldson lost 1-8
#3 seed Miranda Altis/Lainey Peake lost 4-8