Local leaders implore Wythe County residents to remain proactive in combatting COVID-19

WYTHE COUNTY, Va. – This week Wythe County reported its second death related to COVID-19 and now has 38 active cases throughout the county. Health Department records show that the number of active cases has risen in recent weeks as the Mount Rogers Health District has shown an increase of up to 8.5% in positive test rates of individuals tested.
This rise in positive cases is being attributed to two main factors: An increase of testing in our area, as well as an increase of exposure to people with COVID-19, both locally and due to travel related exposures.
Wythe County emergency officials wish to thank local citizens for helping in this fight and for sacrificing to keep their friends and neighbors safe. The citizens and businesses who are working to ensure proper distancing guidelines are maintained, routine sanitization and the individuals who wear masks in order to reduce the likelihood of infecting others, have all assisted in keeping the number of cases in our community on the lower end of the regional and national spectrum.
Still, as the number of positive cases continues to rise, local leaders are imploring the public to remain proactive in combating the virus.
“We’re asking people not to let their guards down too soon – health department data suggests we’ll see many more cases in the weeks and months ahead,” said Wythe County Emergency Services Coordinator Curtis Crawford.
Crawford went on to add, “We’re urging all residents, particularly those most vulnerable to take extra precautions as well as work to ensure all Virginia Department of Health and CDC guidelines are understood and observed.”