McCready reaches out to new supervisors; talks about his campaign and the future

Pulaski County Board of Supervisors Chairman Andy McCready went back to work for the county the day after Tuesday’s election, reaching out to the newly-elected members of the Board of Supervisors, including John Travis who defeated McCready in Massie Distict.

“I did reach out this (Wednesday) morning to John Travis and congratulate him on his win,” McCready said. “I talked with him a minute about the board always doing training with newly elected members to help them get up to speed quicker. And, as is tradition here in Pulaski County, the newly elected board members are invited into closed sessions so they will be better versed in what legal items they may need to be aware of or negotiations the county may be involved in.”

McCready said he also called winners Laura Walters and Dirk Compton “so they also know we want to get them the best information possible to help them get off on a good start. That is the Pulaski County way we do it and will be continued,” he said.

“As for me, I very much appreciate the folks in the Walker Precinct having a great turnout and supporting me again. Walker is made up of Little Creek and Black Hollow. The loss really came from not doing as well in the Town of Pulaski and close vicinity of that,” he said.

“For me, the Lord is pushing me in a different direction right now. My two businesses have seen a continued increase in business the last six months and its been very difficult for me to campaign and try to keep up with business. So now I’ll be better able to focus on business and personal economic development activities.  Also, since I don’t have to worry about conflict of interest when it comes to economic development projects that I might be doing on my own, I won’t think twice about asking for the county to assist me in incentives,” he added.

“As far as looking at a legacy, I hope that myself and my fellow board members over the last eight years would be known as presiding over record-setting economic development of this county and placing this county on the best financial footing it has been on in probably a couple of generations.

“That being said, during the campaign we heard a lot of promises about what folks might do with that record growth and their stewardship of it and I hope to see them take great care of that and improve our infrastructure,” McCready added.

“I’ve had a lot of great people help me over the years and am glad to have been of service. One thing that has resonated with a few folks today as I’ve been out picking up signs, is that I’m not throwing those signs away. They’re going to be palletized and stuck up in the warehouse in case I need them.”