New River Valley Airport and New River Valley Commerce Park Create Joint Partnership to Attract Aviation Companies

DUBLIN – The New River Valley (NRV) Airport and New River Valley (NRV) Commerce Park have partnered to attract new industry to the New River Valley of Virginia. With a strong joint commitment, the NRV Airport and NRV Commerce Park are ready to support E-commerce, air freight, aircraft manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicle development, or other companies, such as aircraft maintenance and overhaul facilities, that need ample acreage and ready access to a sizable runway.
The NRV Commerce Park is a certified, 1,000-acre industrial park that is owned by Virginia’s First Regional Industrial Facility Authority (VFRIFA) and is immediately adjacent to the NRV Airport. The NRV Airport boasts a 150’ wide, 6,201-foot runway, and is owned by the NRV Airport Commission. As the two properties share a property boundary that is over 7,000 feet in length, large-scale projects can easily be accommodated with the new partnership.
Specific effort is being made to recruit E-Commerce companies to the area. E-Commerce is a growing market, as on-line retailers look to move products quickly and more efficiently to the end users. The availability of a runway to land air freight, and the proximity of land to develop sorting, processing, and warehousing facilities, coupled with the region’s proximity to I-81 and I-77 makes the NRV Airport and NRV Commerce Park a prime location.
Mary Biggs, VFRIFA Board of Directors Chair said, “Forming this important partnership is a critical step in attracting new companies that rely on airport access to the region. The NRV Commerce Park is an incredible asset for the greater New River Valley region of Virginia, which has only been possible through the strategic collaboration of VFRIFA’s member localities. Now, in partnership with the NRV Airport, the NRV Commerce Park will be an even stronger asset to attract world-class companies.”
Nick Glenn, Chairman of the NRV Airport said, “We have seen a 215% increase in our airport’s air freight
activity over 2018 figures and are following freight facility developments at other airports such as a new air freight logistics center in Anchorage, Alaska as well as expanded air cargo facilities in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Similar to the airline hub and spoke model, these freight facilities will need other feeder facilities to better serve the end users, and we think the NRV Airport coupled with the NRV Commerce Park would be a great location.” The NRV Airport has been working with 6A Development LLC (, which has extensive experience in developing air cargo facilities to explore the marketplace and potentials of such a facility in the New River Valley.
The NRV Airport Commission has seven member jurisdictions: the Counties of Giles, Montgomery, and Pulaski; City of Radford; and Towns of Christiansburg, Dublin, and Pulaski.
The NRV Airport is a 469-acre general aviation airport located two miles north of the town of Dublin on State Route 100. The Airport’s 6,201-foot-long runway can handle a wide array of aircraft and has all-weather instrument landing capabilities. Operated by the NRV Airport Commission, the Airport is focused on the air service needs, demands, and growth of regional businesses and economic development. Additional information about the NRV Airport can be found at
VFRIFA is comprised of 11 member localities: the Counties of Bland, Craig, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, and Roanoke; Cities of Radford and Roanoke; Towns of Dublin, Pearisburg, and Pulaski.
The NRV Commerce Park has received certifications as an AEP Quality Site- Large Park and as a Tier 4 Virginia Business Ready Site. With all utility infrastructure in place, an industrial access road, an approved 140-acre solar farm, and over a dozen sites to choose from, the NRV Commerce Park is development ready and can accommodate numerous new companies in a variety of industries. Additional information about the NRV Commerce Park can be found at