New signs for businesses on Main Street in Pulaski

11 4 downtown signage New signs for Main Street PulaskiWilliam Paine/The Patriot

New signs for Main Street Pulaski – The Wings Tails and Fins sign is one of a dozen newly produced signs for Main Street business owners.



The Patriot

Those who have recently ventured down West Main Street in Pulaski have likely noticed attractive new signs hanging over the entrances of several downtown businesses.

“The town had the idea for the signs and they got the funding,” said Dylan Armes, Program Assistant for Pulaski On Main (P.O.M.). “Pulaski On Main works directly with the businesses within our footprint to complete the necessary permits,” Armes continued. “We act as a liaison between the town and the business owners. The town installs the signs.”

Most of these new signs are located on West Main Street between Washington and Jefferson Avenues, but more are popping up on East Main Street towards Madison Avenue. There are now a dozen of these new signs hanging with four more currently in the design stage.

The reason these new signs are so prolific, is that they are designed, produced and hung at no cost to the business owners

“Dylan Armes has done a great job with collaborating with the businesses on East and West Main Street and working with them to come up with designs for the signage,” said President of P.O.M. Steve Critchfield. “Though each sign is unique, their dimensions are identical and are all anchored to the buildings in a way that has an historic feel.”

The signs, which are 27 inches in height and 46 inches wide, are all hung on identical wrought iron braces that extend out from each building’s façade.

“I think it’s very nice that the town wanted to hang a sign up for us,” said Julie Burkhart, co-owner of Wings Tails and Fins, a pet store located near the corner of West Main Street and Washington Avenue.

“We got to pick the design out and they mounted it for free. It was just an overall really nice experience and I’m very happy they did that for us. I think it makes the downtown look really nice. Even better, I think it makes our store more visible to passing traffic.”

The program to install new signage is still ongoing. Those business owners on West Main Street and East Main Street between Jefferson and Madison Avenues, who have not ordered a sign, may still be eligible to receive one.

For more information about the possibility of ordering one of these spiffy new signs, contact Dylan Armes at Pulaski On Main.