‘One Bag Challenge’ off to strong start

Pulaski County new logoBy MIKE WILLIAMS

The Patriot

The Pulaski County Board of Supervisors’ “One Bag Challenge” has gotten off to a rousing start.

According to Supervisors Chairman Laura Walters, in less than a month over 40 countians have accepted the challenge to pick up trash around Pulaski County and to remind others not to litter.

Walters said so far 169 bags of trash have been picked up as of Monday.

Walters said the challenge continues through the board’s May meeting.

She read the names of participants so far and the number of bags and other items they picked up, including:

Adam Farris, 15 bags

Spinning Jenny Winery, 3 bags

Ann Reeves, 5 bags

Bill Williams, 1 bag

Kay Patterson, 10 bags

Jan and John Woodward, 3 bags

Mary Beth Glenn, 5 bags

Jeff Arnold and Laura Walters, 2 bags

Ms. Pennington, 6 bags

Doug Clark, 2 bags

Tina and Jim Cometa, 3 bags

Rob Hurst, 1 bag

Kevin Hawks, 4 bags

Kym Allen and City of Refuge After School Kids, 6 bags

Kym Allen, 5 bags

Donia Eley and Julie Williams, 5 bags

Hannah Rouse Card and Karen Gerlach, 2 bags

Jesika Boyd and Sister, 2 bags

Keran Gerlach, Hana Rouse Card and Sharon Simon, 9 bags

Wanda Simpkins, 1 bag and brush

Emmalyn Moleon, 2 bags

Krista Lindsay, 8 bags

Linda McGraw, 6 bags

William and Gina Paine, 10 bags and a toilet

Lief Hurd, 2 bags

Amanda Dishon, 14 bags and a tire

Sharon Simon, 6 bags

Katrina Compton and Madeline Aust, 2 bags

Bryan Aust, 1 Bag

County Crew, 48 bags

Walters then conducted a drawing for five $100 gift cards for the month of February.

Winners were Ann Reeves; the team of William and Gina Paine; the team of Keran Gerlach, Hana Rouse Card and Sharon Simon; Spinning Jenny Winery and Linda McCraw.

Those participating in the challenge can come by the County Administration Building to pick up supplies and a Pulaski County Proud T-shirt before heading out to pickup trash.