Patton Logistics brings Operation Warm to school

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Patton Logistics delivers a box of new winter coats to Critzer Elementary School as part of Operation Warm. From left: Jonathan Walker (Patton Logistics), Anthony Viers (Critzer Principal), Tonia Singleton (Assist. Principal Critzer), Watson the Bulldog, and Connie Armentrout (School Counselor). (William Paine/The Patriot)


The Patriot


Just before Pulaski County Public Schools’ Winter Break, representatives from Patton Logistics, including Watson the Bulldog, paid a visit to Critizer Elementary School to deliver a large boxful of new winter coats as part of Operation Warm.


Patton Logistics is a trucking, warehousing and logistics management company that opened their newest warehousing facility at the NRV Commerce Park adjacent to the New River Valley Airport in 2021. Patton Logistics is comprised of three separate companies: Watsontown Trucking Company, Patton Warehousing and Patton Logistics. The company operates 400 trucks, has over 2 million square feet in warehouse space and employs 500 individuals.


As one might expect, Patton Logistics employed the use of a truck to make their delivery and when they pulled up, they promptly opened the back to unpack their gift coats. The coats are part of Operation Warm, which is a national nonprofit that manufactures high quality coats for children in need.


Representatives for Patton Logistics were met by Critzer Elementary School Administrators, as well as several members of both the Pulaski County School Board and the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors.


“For the past three years, we’ve teamed up with Operation Warm to give coats to children in need,” said Jonathan Walker, Region Manager at Watsontown Trucking Company. “We’ve given out over a thousand coats in the past three years and we have about 300 coats this time around.  We gave away about 300 coats last month in Milton, Pennsylvania, where Watsontown Trucking is based. We have people in our own back yard that need help, so we give these coats out for youngsters. It’s a good feeling.”


“We’re very excited to be able to have coats to give to our students,” said Critzer Elementary School Principal Anthony Viers. “We do have students that are in need. We’ve been collecting our own coat drive for the students here that were in need. So, it’s great to have partnerships from community businesses.”


Patton Logistic’s Jonathan Walker, Pam Martin and Watson the Bulldog would bring new junior sized coats to all five public elementary schools in Pulaski County that day.


“It is an absolute pleasure and an honor to work with Patton logistics to bring this to our students in Pulaski County,” said Chairwoman of the school board Paige Cash. “This is going to be a game changer for many of our students. They’re so generous this time of year. They want to come back next year. We welcome them and we are very grateful for everything they have done.”


“This is a perfect example of our business community not only supporting jobs and providing opportunities, but they’re going above and beyond and actually having an impact on our community and our school system,” said County Administrator Jonathan Sweet.


“A perfect corporate partner for us because they do things like this,” added Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors Laura Walters. “We’re blessed to have several of these civic minded businesses in Pulaski County.”


“The partnership that Pulaski County has with Patton Logistics is an example of both organizations’ commitment to the community,” said Supervisor Dirk Compton. “Patton Logistics supplies county residents with employment opportunities, contributes to our tax base and is now even supplying coats to our elementary school children in need. Patton Logistics has certainly proved to be a good neighbor in Pulaski County.”


After handing over a couple of boxes of brand new junior sized winter coats, Watson the Bulldog and pals headed to the next elementary school on the list.


As they pulled away, Pulaski County Economic Development Director Michael Solomon had this to say.


“When you think about what community means, this is all part of it. When you see a company come in and partner with the schools, it just shows how everybody helps everyone else. I think that’s really important, especially at this time of year.”